What Are The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Autism

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Weighted blankets are also known as gravity blankets. These were once being used by psychiatric clinics or therapists. But at the present time, these have become mainstream. Weighted blankets are quite harmless when these are being used for adults and teens, but for kids, they will be effective only if these are made according to their dimensions and weights in a perfect way.

Well, these blankets are being used for a long period of time for a specific kind of occupational therapy which is known as sensory integration therapy, which is a treatment that can be used to help the people who are suffering from autism or some other problem of focusing on sensory experiences.

It is because the experts say that these can improve the ability of an individual to regulate their behavior and emotions in the best possible way. More amazingly, weighted blankets are some of the most effective tools which are being used to provide deep pressure touch therapy.

These are apparently based on deep pressure http://www.fauxfurthrowblanket.com/ touch therapy which can help in calming the arousal level in the system and can help with self-regulation in the best possible way. Well, some researches are also suggesting that gentle and slow touch can stimulate limbic system�s portions, the network of the brain for processing fear and emotion in a more effective way.

Along with all this, there are some of the most interesting benefits of a weighted blanket for autistic child, teens, and adults which has the ability to improve the way of their livings in the best possible way. To know about these benefits, you need to see the following information.

Amazing weighted blankets benefits for Autism Do you want to know how weighted blankets for autism can help people in a more effective way? Well, here are some benefits which a weighted blanket for autism has the ability to provide.

A weighted blanket:

1.�� Helps to achieve better sleep This is one of the most important reasons why people buy this sensory blanket for the ones who are suffering from autism. It is quite common for the people who are having autism problem to have sleeping disorder too. So, people normally get excited when they come to know how much-weighted blanket is effective for sleep disorders. People with autism are often low in melatonin.

This is the chemical which is being used by our bodies to determine bedtime normally based on your present sleeping schedule. Most of the people may go with the supplements for melatonin but a weighted blanket is a more amazing option to go with. It is because it will not improve bedtime transition only but can work effectively to enhance quality sleep too in the best possible way.

2.�� Reduces anxiety more effectively Well, anxiety is another disorder which can occur in the people who are already suffering from autism. But there is no need to be worried about this anymore. It is because weighted blankets are built in a more effective way which can let you stay calm and relaxed during anxiety bouts in the best possible way. Getting wrapped up in weighted blankets can calm your mind and will let you enjoy a better time with ease.

3. When you liked this short article as well as you wish to obtain more details regarding http://www.fauxfurthrowblanket.com/ kindly visit our internet site. �� Better sensory input Children with autism also have a sensory processing disorder. Although it is a factor for a lot of people around but a weighted blanket can be great to improve sensory input in the best possible way.

4.�� Improves classroom performance and focus of the sufferer Without any doubt, along with improving sleep quality and time, you will be able to experience improvements in the activities and performance of the following day. Beyond sleep aid, a weighted blanket will also help to improve focus and consequently class performance too with the help of its deep touch pressure therapy.

Putting a weighted blanket on the shoulder or legs of your child can calm the behavior of your child and will help him focus more on the best possible way. This will http://www.fauxfurthrowblanket.com/ sooth the kid in a more effective way so he or she will be able to experience a sense of comfort due to the ability of the weighted blanket to apply deep tissue input which will help them to afford better concentration in the best possible way.

5.�� Can calm meltdown frequency effectively An overwhelmed nervous system can cause sensory meltdowns. Even more, sensory overloads from sound, lights, people, places and noise all of these can incite a meltdown. When you see the person with autism is approaching a meltdown just put the weighted blanket over him or her. It is because this will provide therapy which is needed to calm in a more effective way with ease.

6.�� Improves transition times This is a vital fact that the children who are suffering from autism normally find it hard to transition from the activity of high energy to the low. More importantly, this can be notified when they are coming home from school, start to do their homework or have to go to bed. However, the amazing calming effects of a weighted blanket can help your kid to settle down before they are going to start a new activity.

7.�� A perfect mood booster A weighted blanket can improve the positive effects on the levels of the hormone. Researches have found that compressing the sensory receptors of the body can improve the levels of serotonin in the body which is a happy element by 28 percent. Even, it can also decrease the level of stress hormone by 31%.

Final Words Weighted blankets have the ability to provide you multiple benefits with ease. From quality sleep to improving focus,�weighted blankets are capable of doing many things for people suffering from Autism in the best possible way. The results of using a weighted blanket for adults with autism as well as for teens and kids but with proper weight and dimensions are surely going to be amazing.