100 Outstanding Hippie Baby Names And Their Meanings.

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While hippies might be associated with the 1960s age of free love and tranquility, their ideas are still appropriate today. Likewise, hippie infant names are ones that embrace the love, nature, and free-spirit that hippies hold in prestige. Bear: (English) This name suggests hippie names for cats solid, endure bear" as well as is just about the cutest hippie boy name, ever. 20) Leofe (Old English beginning) definition "dear" or "precious" and also later becomes the word 'fallen leave' we know today.

90) Sage (Latin beginning) significance "sensible" or "prophet". Willow: (English) Implying a willow tree", this name just shrieks hippie to me. 67) Wilder (English origin) meaning "untamed" or "wild pet". Star: (English) The significance of this name is celebrity" and it can be made use of for both young boys and ladies.

However, these bohemian, hippie child names are to need. Natural baby names for boys must get on your radar. Daisy: (English) This 70s baby name means days eye" yet is better recognized for its reference to the blossom. Huckleberry was a prominent name with hippies in the 1960s and also can be shortened to the nickname, Huck.

Strong, quirky and wonderfully bohemian, below's our top nature influenced young boys' names. Aurora is really a latin infant name with the definition mythological Goddess of the dawn". 9) Clover (English beginning) definition "field flower". Hope: (English) Implying hope", this is a totally special girl's name that is getting in popularity.

8) Celeste (Latin origin) from the Latin word 'caelestis' suggesting "heavenly" or "holy". Grassy field - If you enjoy nature, you could wish to name your infant this nature name. I recognize that some lists with hippie as well as bohemian names are very long, however a fast check and also you'll locate a ton of names that extremely couple of individuals would certainly ever before truly consider.