100 Best Boho Hippie Names That Are Absolutely Way Out By Kidadl.

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While hippies might be connected with the 1960s era of extracurricular relations and peace, their ideas are still appropriate today. It's within the top 2 hundred lady names, so it's rather prominent. Sage: (Latin) This boho girl name indicates hippie names from the 70s, her response, smart" and is acquiring popularity amongst parents of newborn girls. Sierra is the name of the chain of mountains, the Sierra Nevadas, which makes it one of the most beautiful nature-inspired hippie names.

Probably the most ideal of all the hippie infant names is Rebel. An English word for coniferous tree" as well as has roots in nature which every hippie mom likes for her boho infant. Lily - Flower names are so best for the free spirited woman and also the lily means renewal".

33) Spirit (English origin) meaning "personality" or "spectral entity". This ethereal name would be a wonderful way to call your infant woman. 45) Ezio (Greek origin) significance "eagle". Sparrow is a stunning young boy name, although it was more recently promoted in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise with the personality, Captain Jack Sparrow.

We have compiled a list of baby woman names, child names as well as also unisex names for all your splendid, nature-loving needs. 72) Bodhi (Indian origin) significance "understanding of true nature". 75) Echo (Greek beginning) it translates to "reverberating sound" yet comes from Greek folklore in a tale about the experience of unrequited love.

79) Love (English beginning) a name that means "loaded with love". 31) Tranquility (English origin) meaning "serene personality". 98) Wintertime (Native American beginning) significance "taking of revival". A sexy hippie baby name with bird and nature organizations that bohemian mothers enjoy.