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Weck is the owner of 116 global patents and 14 more patents are in line. It has its major facility in Research Triangle Park, NA. With 108 years behind its back Weck still continues to supply products, which make surgery safer and minimum invasive.

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Weck surgical instruments offer a lifetime guarantee against material flaws. The use of tungsten-impregnated steel assures high durability thereby reducing the money and time spent on its maintenance and repair. On the other hand since high level of carbon and low amount of chromium renders 'martenistic stainless steel' very rigid it is used for the manufacture of instruments used for incisions and cuttings.

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In addition they will be able to avail of the service of sharpening and mending of surgical instruments irrespective of brand. All Veterinary products carry a lifetime guarantee. The supplies are sturdy, durable and user friendly. The surgeons will continue to enjoy the high quality of the equipments. Veterinary Surgical Instrument till recently supplied by Weck will now be available under the Veterinary Products Laboratories Weck or VPL Weck name.

Different grades of steel are utilized. The quality of steel to be used depends on the nature and function of the equipments. They are rigid and dependable, being made of stainless steel. Its anti corrosive and malleable property is utilized in the manufacture. Weck surgical instruments are extremely durable. For flexible ones, like needle holders, hemostats etc., 'austenitic stainless steel' is used.

Weck in USA, was established in 1884, and is now a division of Teleflex. Gustav Weck, German manufacturer of surgical instruments went out of business in June 2007. Weck Surgical instruments are being used mainly in Thoracic, Cardiac, Laproscopic, 3g porn Endoscopic Vascular, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, Gynecology and Orthopedic Surgery.