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You can influence the game directly by making purchases in the game shop: come up with your ideas or vote for the already suggested ones. You can do it on our Idea Bank:

Using purchased webcoins you can come up with your own idea and use the obtained votes to support the existing ideas. If you have webcoins and want to submit a suggestion, sign up for the Idea Bank and contact our support team under Settings > About > Feedback with a link to your account, so we can add votes to your game balance. We’ll automate this process in the future.

How to vote for the existing idea

Now that you have voices you can put them to use. You may spend them on any existing idea. Choose the one you like and press “thumb up” icon. Also, select a number of votes you want to give.

Голосование 2.png

How to suggest a new idea

You can suggest a new idea on the homepage. The system will show you if there are any similar ideas — you’ll be able to vote for them instead of creating a new topic. If there are no similar ideas, you'll be asked to fill in the description.

Предложить идею v2.png

First of all, create a title to describe the essence of your suggestion. It will help other users find your idea if somebody wants to submit the same one.

Describe your suggestion to help users understand what it’s about. The more details you provide, the easier it is for other players to understand your point. You can include images, videos and everything you need to reflect your idea.

There are two types of suggestions — interface ones and game mechanics. So you need to choose the desired category. If you think that the game interface needs to be changed (if something could be added or removed) pick the right category. If you want to suggest changes to the game process, select Game mechanics.

Создание идеи.png

Once your suggestion is ready, click Send. It needs to go through moderation and after the approval, your suggestion will appear in the global list of ideas and other users will be able to vote for it.