Mel And Sue Fear Menopause Could See Them rip Each Other s Faces Off

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Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have jokingly warned that the menopause could end up with them 'ripping each other's faces off'.

The former Great British Bake Off presenters - who have been best friends for more than 30 years after studying at the University of Cambridge together - fear their relationship could be severely tested as they get older.

Until now the comedian pals - who call each other 'Melly' and 'Perks' - say they have only ever had one argument - and they can't remember what that was about.

But speaking to Woman's Weekly, Mel, 51, and Sue, 50, amusingly admitted that they worry the menopause may change that.

Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins (pictured in London in May 2014) have jokingly warned that the menopause could end up with them 'ripping each other's faces off'

'It's such a precious relationship,' Mel explained. 'It's so valuable what we have and the fact that we've been friends for 30 years. 

'I'm getting emotional. It's rooted in a real friendship, so if anything went wrong, it would be so devastating.'





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Sue added: 'A row would be so catastrophic to our family and friends' ecosystem that I can't imagine it.' 

But the comedian admitted that there is one thing that she does worry about impacting on their relationship.  

'Let's say I was to go through a devastating menopause and there's a shimmering, tensile, low oestrogen vibe going on - we could just rip each other's faces off,' she said. 'We're just a little bit off that yet, but we'll have to be quite careful.' 

The former Great British Bake Off presenters (pictured in 2012) - who have been Best IPTV Box 2020 friends for more than 30 years after studying at the University of Cambridge together - fear their relationship could be severely tested as they get older

The pair - who are starring together in the new Sky show Hitmen - have both pursued individual projects since leaving Bake Off after it moved from the BBC to Channel 4 in 2016.

Mel has been married to TV director Ben Morris for 17 years and has two teenage daughters, while Sue is in a long term relationship with Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson.

But despite their individual projects and family priorities, the two presenters remain very close.

'We can go for a week or two and not speak, but then we'll talk and it will be obsessive for a while,' said Sue. 'There will be flurries of quite intense messaging.

'Usually it's when I'll hear a song or see an image and it takes me back. We're always in each other's orbit.'

Previously sharing an insight into the moment the duo decided to walk away from Bake Off, Mel has told the Press Association it took about 'three seconds' for herself and Sue to make up their minds about their Bake Off future.

'I think there was no question where we were heading, but I miss the gang... we were like a big family.

'All the camera guys, the sound guys, home economists behind the scenes, so knowing a lot of them are there filming as we speak, it feels kind of strange,' she confessed.

Show judge Mary Berry, 82, followed suit and her exit from The Great British Bake Off was announced shortly after Mel and Sue's.  

Paul Hollywood remained and was joined by Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toskvig, who revealed in January that she was leaving the baking show to focus on other projects after three years as a host.  

Matt Lucas has been announced as the new host of the Bake Off after Sandi's exit. The Little Britain star, 46, will take over the role and co-present alongside Noel in the tent.

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