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Scott Slade: Takuma Sato will not give up! Gabrielle sprints in with a spear to try and finish Sato off, but Takuma sees it coming and uses his lightning reflexes to standing front kick her straight in the face. When she turns around she is met with an insane butterfly kick from Takuma that connects straight to the side of her skull. Takuma with a kick out! Gabrielle moves out the way just in time! What a series of moves by Sato! The fans let out a roar and Montgomery covers Sato for a pin on the floor. Sato holds her in place for a pin much to the horror of the fans in the front row. Scott Slade: Pin falls are legal anywhere inside of the cell structure! Sato gets back to his feet as the fans boo him heavily and the bell is rung signifying the end of the Hell in the Cell match.

She didn't get back to me, so I went alone. Sato rolls over onto his side holding his injured hand, but manages to get to his feet while Gabrielle is distracted with the fans. The Mermaid is, after all, a variation on the old legs-over-shoulders routine which is one of my all-time favourite ways to get laid! No one wants to see anyone more damage done to that sweet face! Many games need the Internet-and, the broadband connection is more efficient than the dial-up connection. We need ice packs! Most swimsuit models need to work their way through local ads, catalogs and unusual publications before ahead exposure to wider audiences. She knows how to work a crowd! On the other hand, with video conferencing, all people is capable to see precisely when the presenter is completed with their piece and all people on the opposite conclude knows when they can chat.