100 Outstanding Hippie Infant Names As Well As Their Definitions.

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While hippies may be related to the 1960s age of free love and also tranquility, their suggestions are still appropriate today. Weaver: (English) Implying to weave", this hippie name can be made use of for young boys or girls. Arrow is a popular hippie names For male Cats infant name (or, at least, it quickly will be) that conveniently incorporates with center names as a result of the" sound at the end of it. 6) Bluebell (English origin) the name of the attractive blue flower.

90) Sage (Latin beginning) meaning "smart" or "prophet". Willow: (English) Implying a willow tree", this name simply shrieks hippie to me. 67) Wilder (English beginning) significance "untamed" or "wild pet". Star: (English) The significance of this name is celebrity" and also it can be utilized for both women and also kids.

Sanctuary is an attractive infant girl name that implies refuge" or refuge". Obtain inspired with these hippie infant names for women and kids. 2) Ambrosia (Greek origin) meaning "immortal". Such an excellent hippie infant name for a child. 65) Rock (Middle English beginning) came to be a prominent manly name after Rock Hudson as well as it's nature relations.

Buzz was a preferred activity in the 1960s age of drugs and extracurricular relations. Or, check out every one of the free baby names offered here on the blog and also track your faves making use of the free child name list . 21) Freedom (Middle English beginning) definition "flexibility".

Suggesting free, this is an outstanding choice if your searching for hippie baby names for your little boho infant. Rue: (Greek) This is most likely one of my extremely preferred woman names. 62) Pip (English beginning) means "fan of horses". An excellent hippie child name with a definition that accompanies it.