100 Outstanding Hippie Child Labels And Their Definitions.

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While hippies might be related to the 1960s period of extracurricular relations as well as tranquility, their ideas are still relevant today. Peace, Consistency, Justice and Freedom are all popular child names amongst baby hippie names hippies. These hippie infant names will certainly fit in your household flawlessly if you're expecting your really own little flower youngster. 77) Infinity (American beginning) meaning "unlimited".

90) Sage (Latin origin) significance "wise" or "prophet". Willow: (English) Implying a willow tree", this name simply yells hippie to me. 67) Wilder (English origin) meaning "untamed" or "wild pet". Star: (English) The significance of this name is star" and also it can be utilized for both boys and also girls.

33) Spirit (English beginning) definition "personality" or "spectral entity". This aerial name would be a charming method to call your baby lady. 45) Ezio (Greek beginning) meaning "eagle". Sparrow is a gorgeous boy name, although it was extra lately promoted in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise with the personality, Captain Jack Sparrow.

We have actually put together a list of infant girl names, boy names as well as even unisex names for all your trendy, nature-loving requirements. 72) Bodhi (Indian beginning) significance "understanding of real nature". 75) Mirror (Greek origin) it translates to "resounding audio" but originates from Greek mythology in a tale regarding the experience of unrequited love.

79) Love (English beginning) a name that means "packed with love". 31) Tranquility (English origin) meaning "serene disposition". 98) Winter (Indigenous American origin) significance "bringing of revival". A sexy hippie baby name with bird as well as nature organizations that bohemian mothers like.