100 Incredible Hippie Child Labels And Their Significances.

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While hippies might be related to the 1960s era of free love and also tranquility, their concepts are still appropriate today. Similarly, hippie child names are ones that accept the love, nature, and also free-spirit that hippies keep in prestige. Bear: (English) This name indicates earthy hippie baby names boy strong, endure bear" as well as is nearly the prettiest hippie young boy name, ever before. 20) Leofe (Old English beginning) definition "dear" or "beloved" and also later turns into words 'leaf' we know today.

The following is a listing of hippie kid as well as girl in an arbitrary order. Basil: (Greek) Meaning regal", this is a completely charming nature name for children. Gemma: (Latin) Implying gem", that's specifically what this hippie lady's name is. Rain is a remarkably popular hippie name for an infant boy.

Haven is a beautiful child lady name that means safe place" or sanctuary". Get influenced with these hippie child names for boys and also girls. 2) Ambrosia (Greek beginning) definition "immortal". Such an ideal hippie child name for a kid. 65) Rock (Center English origin) became a prominent manly name after Rock Hudson as well as it's nature relations.

Strong, eccentric as well as wonderfully bohemian, right here's our leading nature inspired children' names. Aurora is really a latin infant name with the meaning mythical Siren of the dawn". 9) Clover (English beginning) significance "meadow flower". Hope: (English) Meaning hope", this is an absolutely special lady's name that is gaining in popularity.

8) Celeste (Latin origin) from the Latin word 'caelestis' meaning "beautiful" or "celestial". Prairie - If you enjoy nature, you might want to name your infant this nature name. I know that some lists with bohemian and also hippie names are extremely long, but a fast check and also you'll discover a ton of names that really few people would certainly ever before truly take into consideration.