100 Ideal Boho Hippie Names That Are Completely Way Out By Kidadl.

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While hippies may be related to the 1960s period of free love as well as tranquility, their suggestions are still relevant today. It's within the top 2 hundred girl names, so it's somewhat preferred. Sage: (Latin) This boho lady name indicates hippie baby names girl wise" as well as is obtaining appeal among parents of newborn girls. Sierra is the name of the mountain range, the Sierra Nevadas, that makes it among the prettiest nature-inspired hippie names.

16) Harmony (English beginning) a name significance "a music combination of chords". Hippies enjoy bright colors so this name for boys makes sense to me. Celeste: (Latin) Meaning celestial", this name is a lovely bohemian child name. 14) Significance (American origin) definition "perfume" as well as likewise refers to the aspects of idea, speech and material that compose an individual.

Place is a beautiful infant lady name that implies safe place" or refuge". Get motivated with these hippie infant names for girls and young boys. 2) Ambrosia (Greek beginning) meaning "never-ceasing". Such a perfect hippie infant name for a kid. 65) Rock (Center English origin) ended up being a preferred aggressive name after Rock Hudson and it's nature relationships.

Orion: (Greek) Suggesting climbing overhead", I think that anything managing nature and also outdoors is a great hippie name for a baby. Raven: (English) Implying raven", this hippie name is likewise unisex. 46) Felix (Latin origin) definition "satisfied" or "lucky".

Indicating cost-free, this is a superb choice if your searching for hippie child names for your little boho infant. Rue: (Greek) This is probably among my really preferred lady names. 62) Pip (English beginning) indicates "fan of equines". A best hippie infant name with a meaning that accompanies it.