100 Finest Boho Hippie Names That Are Totally Far Out By Kidadl.

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While hippies may be related to the 1960s era of free love and also peace, their concepts are still pertinent today. Likewise, hippie child names are ones that embrace the love, nature, and also free-spirit that hippies keep in prestige. Bear: (English) This name suggests item344162040 strong, take on bear" and is just about the cutest hippie child name, ever. 20) Leofe (Old English beginning) definition "dear" or "cherished" as well as later develops into words 'leaf' we know today.

90) Sage (Latin origin) definition "smart" or "prophet". Willow: (English) Meaning a willow tree", this name just shrieks hippie to me. 67) Wilder (English origin) definition "untamed" or "wild pet". Star: (English) The definition of this name is celebrity" and also it can be used for both young boys and girls.

33) Spirit (English beginning) significance "character" or "spooky entity". This aerial name would be a beautiful method to name your baby woman. 45) Ezio (Greek origin) meaning "eagle". Sparrow is a lovely child name, although it was much more just recently promoted in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise business with the character, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Buzz was a preferred pastime in the 1960s era of drugs and also free love. Or, have a look at every one of the cost-free infant names offered here on the blog as well as track your faves using the free child name checklist . 21) Liberty (Center English beginning) definition "liberty".

8) Celeste (Latin beginning) from the Latin word 'caelestis' implying "heavenly" or "holy". Prairie - If you like nature, you may want to name your child this nature name. I know that some listings with bohemian and also hippie names are incredibly long, but a quick scan and you'll find a ton of names that very few people would certainly ever before really consider.