100 Finest Boho Hippie Labels That Are Completely Far Out By Kidadl.

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While hippies may be related to the 1960s period of extracurricular relations and peace, their suggestions are still relevant today. Weaver: (English) Suggesting to weave", this hippie name can be used for ladies or young boys. Arrowhead is a popular hippie baby names male baby name (or, a minimum of, it quickly will certainly be) that easily incorporates with middle names due to the" sound at the end of it. 6) Bluebell (English origin) the name of the beautiful blue blossom.

90) Sage (Latin beginning) meaning "smart" or "prophet". Willow: (English) Meaning a willow tree", this name just shrieks hippie to me. 67) Wilder (English origin) significance "untamed" or "wild pet". Celebrity: (English) The meaning of this name is star" and also it can be utilized for both women as well as boys.

It's likewise a French word for road or road - so you can choose on the definition. Like Spring, Autumn as well as Winter months, this name is coming to be a much more popular choice for an attractive child young boy or lady. Aspen: (English) This hippie baby name comes from the aspen tree as well as has no real straight significance besides that.

Bold, beautifully bohemian and eccentric, right here's our leading nature inspired boys' names. Aurora is really a latin baby name with the definition mythical Goddess of the dawn". 9) Clover (English beginning) meaning "meadow blossom". Hope: (English) Meaning hope", this is a completely unique lady's name that is gaining in appeal.

Meaning totally free, this is an outstanding option if your trying to find hippie baby names for your little boho baby. Rue: (Greek) This is most likely among my really favored girl names. 62) Pip (English origin) indicates "lover of horses". A perfect hippie child name with a definition that accompanies it.