100 Amazing Hippie Child Names And Also Their Definitions.

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While hippies might be associated with the 1960s period of free love and also peace, their suggestions are still relevant today. Weaver: (English) Indicating to weave", this hippie name can be made use of for young boys or girls. Arrow is a popular hippie names for cats baby name (or, a minimum of, it soon will certainly be) that conveniently incorporates with center names as a result of the" audio at the end of it. 6) Bluebell (English origin) the name of the lovely blue blossom.

Most likely one of the most suitable of all the hippie baby names is Rebel. An English word for coniferous tree" and also has origins in nature which every hippie mama loves for her boho infant. Lily - Blossom names are so best for the spontaneous girl and the lily implies rebirth".

Sanctuary is a lovely child girl name that suggests refuge" or haven". Get inspired with these hippie baby names for children as well as women. 2) Ambrosia (Greek beginning) meaning "immortal". Such a perfect hippie baby name for a kid. 65) Rock (Center English beginning) came to be a popular macho name after Rock Hudson and it's nature relations.

Strong, beautifully bohemian and also unusual, below's our leading nature inspired boys' names. Aurora is actually a latin child name with the meaning mythological Siren of the dawn". 9) Clover (English origin) meaning "meadow flower". Hope: (English) Implying hope", this is an entirely distinct girl's name that is acquiring in popularity.

79) Love (English origin) a name that means "packed with love". 31) Calmness (English origin) definition "relaxed disposition". 98) Wintertime (Indigenous American beginning) definition "bringing of renewal". A sexy hippie baby name with bird and nature organizations that bohemian mamas enjoy.